TERMINATION OF SERVICES. You, the client and/or the massage therapist can terminate a massage, at any time, for any reason.  

Aromatherapy Services- per session - customized lotions to the request of the customer. $5.00 per session. Individual containers for home use available.

Highly Recommended: One and Half Hour Massage / Minimum Massage is One Hour

Products available for home use. Ask for details.


Special hand and feet treatment options

Chair Massage. A minimum of 3 hours at $300 and a maximum of 5 hours at $500 for events and corporate sessions.

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Pre-Natal Massage

To help you feel better as your body goes through changes




Maritza Spainhouer d/b/a Stamina Wellness Center

Swedish Massage

Deep tissue muscle stimulation to relieve that aching feeling


Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones to help loosen up tight muscles and provide a relaxed feeling